About Me

I am a Post-Doctoral Scholar at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. I am working with Delia Oppo in Geology & Geophysics and Valier Galy in Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry to understand spatial variability in hydrogen isotopes in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool. I use modern observations from precipitation monitoring sites (GNIP and JAMSTEC), paleo-observations from lipid-bound hydrogen isotopes in marine sediment, and modeling of air mass sources (HySPLIT) to link variability in precipitation isotopes with changes in the intensity of the Australian-Indonesian monsoon in the past.

At WHOI, I am a member of the Post-Doctoral Association, which seeks to provide professional development and community building amongst the more than 50 post-docs on campus. Some of our events include Resource & Coffee Hours (most recently with Computing Services), monthly movie nights, and an Academic Job Interview Panel. We also work with the administration to meet post-doc needs in research support, healthcare, and mentoring.

Paying a visit to hydrothermal activity above ground

Paying a visit to hydrothermal activity above ground



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kacosta at whoi.edu